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Photo Rogue

Highlight for Album: 68th Request - spiderweb with dewdrops

Latest photograph: 68th Request - spiderweb with dewdrops

2011.01.31 - by Hres

"I need a photo of a spiderweb covered in dewdrops at dawn, preferably with the sun glowing thru it!" Pictures taken in Norway and Haarlem. 'b16'Photo's are from Image*After, taken by Tristan Bethe.

See the Gallery for this and all other photographs.

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What is this?

Has Google Images ever let you down? You looked long and hard for a photograph of something, and never found it? That's where comes in. You can request a picture of anything you want, and volunteer photographers will go out and attempt to actually take the picture you want. It's entirely free, although we don't guarantee that your request will ever be filled.

You could request: a photo of the Golden Gate bridge at night, a baby with blue booties, an old man giving a thumbs-up, a 1996 Ford Escort, a full moon over a cemetery, or that cute girl who works at the cafe by your house. You can request ANYTHING, and we'll try to make it happen. Typically we'll return between two and ten pictures.

The results of your request will be posted onto our Gallery for everyone to see, however the text of your request and your name and email address will remain private.

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If this is your first time, you may want to review our Guidelines; in short they say: we won't break the law to get a photo, don't ask for anything ridiculous, and your email address will never be displayed or sold, even to our volunteer photographers.

Photo Rogue is no longer accepting requests. It was a fun experiment, but it's over now.

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